The Photo Book

The creation of a rainbow-coloured garden (2009 - 2011)

On Easter in 2009 I got hired by the owner of the chalet to design the rainbow-colored garden (2009-2011). In this photo book you will find before and after impressions of this garden creation.

Thank you

I thank the owner for his trust and generosity, which made it possible for me and the other participants to create such a fascinating garden.

Special thanks as well for the good cooperation with the company Gartenbau Feller and the beautiful plants from the garden supply center Zulauf CH-5107 Schinznach – Dorf phone: 41(0)56 463 62 62 (Willi Lütti) etc.

And also a special thank you to the gardeners Alus und Ariz Mustafi (contact via mail), without them it would not have been possible to create this unique and unusual garden.

Book Order

You can order the photo book directly through Sonja Matzinger for 30 CHF. To order please use this contact form.


My hourly rate for garden design is 70,- CHF (+ VAT).